Student advocacy

Wodonga Student Association provides advocacy and representation for students who are having difficulties with their course, subjects or lecturers. This includes students who have failed a portion of their course and require academic appeals assistance in order to continue with their studies.

Some situations in which you might want to seek assistance:

  • Grievances and complaints
  • Special consideration
  • Marking and assessment disputes
  • Academic and general misconduct
  • HRD supervision problems
  • Enrolment and administrative issues

If you require assistance or information please contact us.

All enquiries are strictly confidential.
Need help with show cause?

If you've failed too many subjects or failed the same subject twice, you could be asked to explain your performance to your faculty. This is commonly called a 'show cause'.

Advocacy is available from WSA and provides free, independent advice to all students. You can receive help with writing letters to the University and an advocate to attend meetings with you to help you receive the best possible outcome. It can dramatically increase your chances of success and take much of the stress out of the procedure.