In 2019 WSA will be looking to continue to help students connect, create and guide activities and/or clubs (this may be groups of friends or individuals who are seeking to connect to someone with common interests), so that students can continue to grow their ideas (both academic and non-academic) with peers who have similar interests.

To find out more information about campus activities and/or clubs, or to put your ideas together on any new group/activity you would like to see/be involved in, contact WSA.

Alternatively, call into the WSA office, or find Jo or Susie, for an informal chat about your thoughts and notions, on regular get-togethers, that you would like to see created and established on our campus.

Also join the WSA Facebook page as it also has lots of information for you on it and is also a great place to ask a question or make contact with us.

LTSU also has information about clubs on campus.