Joining the WSA Executive Committee

WSA student elections are held annually in September to elect the committee for the following calendar year. The nomination period of a minimum of two weeks is held in the lead up to the elections and is advertised online and around campus. Student nomination forms can be collected from Wodonga Student Association at that time.

What are the benefits of getting involved in the Wodonga Student Association Executive Committee?

  • Contribute to your campus and the wider University
  • Meet new people from the campus and from across the University
  • Develop your job-ready skills
  • Gain relevant experience for your resume
  • Skills and experiences include meetings, organising events, working as a member of a team, public speaking, and a wide range of other skills
  • Training opportunity including attending the annual La Trobe Student Leadership Conference held for student delegates from all campuses. Newly elected committee members are expected to attend this conference. Transport and accommodation is provided at no cost to committee members.

2018 Student Executive Committee

The 2018 executive committee have been elected as follows:

President - Samantha Barlow
Vice-President - Chantel Winkler
Treasurer - Ben Walther
Secretary - Guile Martens
Residents and Social Networking Officer - Nat Peter
Sports and Recreation Officer - Callum Fleming
Publications Officer - Sarah Cohen
Wellbeing Officer - Brit Lowe
La Trobe Student Representative - Georgia Seth
Entertainment Officer - Fiona Grassi

All enrolled students (who are not also employed by either La Trobe University or the Wodonga Student Association) are eligible to nominate and to be nominated for these positions.

All Executive Committee and General Committee members can be contacted by e-mail at or by visiting the Student Association office in the Hangar.